About the Show

Show Name:Home Furnishing Expo shenzhen hometex 
Theme of the show: Home Decor 
Show time: Two sessions per year, March 7-10, August 7-9 
Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Address: Shenzhen Futian District Fuhua Third Road) 
Exhibitors: Over 1000 Exhibitors 
Professional buyers: More then 80,000 professional buyers at home and abroad 
Curtains, bedding, towels, tablecloths, hotel textiles, fabrics, bedding fabrics, furniture fabrics, curtains, sofa, bedding accessories, accessories; fabric sofa, soft bed, carpet, wallpaper wall covering, home accessories, ornaments, textile fabric design; textile production machinery, tools, computer design systems; textile books, magazines, textile intermediary services, website

History of Development

Ever since the foundation of Guangdong Hometextile Association (GHA), all member units were working strikingly under its leadership on planning a national textile and fabric exhibition. In August 1997, the first National Textile and Fabric Exhibition was grandly held in Foshan City, Guangdong Province by GHA and its members, opening a new era of the textile and fabric exhibition history for the whole country. The first exhibition united trading, communication, information release, property protection and instructive consumption, which turned it into a big success. The first trial resonated immediately around the line and public, arousing great public attention from then on.

In 2004, the exhibition moved from Foshan to Guangzhou and renamed as “Hometextile China(CantonTex)”. Its function and scale were both greatly promoted. In 2007, the exhibition moved to Shenzhen, renaming “Interhometex Shenzhen Hometex”. The land scale was extended from about 30,000 square meters in Guangzhou to over 90,000 square meters in Shenzhen, while business scale from original home textile and fabric to other home decoration fields, making the exhibition functions more comprehensively. The exhibition in 2012 is confirmed as “Home Furnishing Expo- Shenzhen Hometex”. It will be the most influential exhibition in line that “incubates textile brands and leads fashion consumption”, witnessing the history of development of textile industry.



Address: Room 202/203, Building 5 of Shiji Jiayuan, No.33 Jinyuan Street, Fenjiang Nan Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.
Tel: 0086-757-82363291 / 82249295 
Fax: 0086-757-82363290
Contact: Zoey Lin: hometextiles_gd@163.com


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